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About Me

Sanja Oakley


I am a registered psychotherapist and executive coach with 20 years experience in both private practice and the public sector in the UK, Europe and USA.


Prior to becoming a psychotherapist & coach, I had a successful and rewarding career in sales & marketing in consumer software, publishing and media. My private practice clients include CEOs, home-makers and young people starting out in life.

I am a passionate consultant and practitioner of EMDR (Eye movement desensitization reprocessing), a cutting-edge and clinically proven psychotherapeutic technique for treatment of PTSD, most psychological issues and performance enhancement.

My interest in new, fast developing effective therapies developed while I worked as a coaching & trauma specialist at London Underground. I have also worked at The Centre for Victims of Torture & War Trauma, USA and for the European Humanitarian Assistance Program in Bosnia & Herzegovina. I teach and consult colleagues in therapy and EMDR around the world.

Healing Principles

1. Be gentle on yourself

Overworking and not resting, engaging in addictions, not looking after our wellbeing or letting the (inner) critical voice run the show can seem like good solutions to our problems. Strict or uncaring parents or other difficult life experiences sometimes lead to anxiety, depression and make it hard to be kind to ourselves. This is one of the most important aims of therapy: Learning how to become your own best parent. You become that person who loves who you are and encourages you to be the best you can.

2. Be determined in the world

Once we start to become gentle with ourselves and accept where and how we are in the world, we can start to realize our values and shamelessly plot our best future. The next stage of therapy or coaching takes care of performance issues. Blocks will become apparent. Anxiety, procrastination, addictions and self-defeating behaviours will need to be addressed and treated. With those out of the way, our way of being in the world becomes more resolute. 

3. Be energised

Once energised, we start to feel more plugged into everything around us, receiving and giving energy as we go about our engagements. Life feels purposeful and we find ourselves mindfully tuned into what we are doing. Stretched just the right amount (not too much, not too little) so that we are both masterful and learning from what we are doing.

Psychotherapeutic Services


Enjoy life & perform better in the world

We’ll work together to discover what you want to change and how to release the blocks to your performance, creativity or your ability to engage and love others.

I'll target the root causes of your issues and help your brain re-wire more adaptive neural networks. This will automatically and organically lead to a more peaceful and satisfying experience of living in the world.  

Therapy Session


For Quicker Results

Talking therapies can be rewarding for both clients and therapists, but a focussed approach such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitiz

-ation & Reprocessing) is more effective

 and satisfying to both clients and therapists. 

My focus is on identifying the core root of any problem and delivering results as quickly as possible. 

EMDR is one of only two modalities approved by the NHS, APA (American Psychological Association), US Defence Department and WHO (World Health Organisation) for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. EMDR can also be used to treat most other non-traumatic issues presented in therapy with the same efficiency.

Listen to Jameela Jamil talk about EMDR

Click on the photo of Jameela to listen to her talk about the benefits of EMDR (with Russell Brand). Jameela is a British actress, model, presenter and activist who lives in the US. She is currently a Golden Globe nominated star of NBC's hit show The Good Place; Before leaving the UK Jameela was the BBC's first solo female presenter of The Radio 1 Chart Show.

Jameela describes herself as a 'feminist-in-progress'. As a sufferer of anorexia when she was younger, she campaigns vigorously against body shaming and over-sexualisation of women. (You can follow her 'body positive' I_Weigh campaign on Instagram). 


Contact Me

I offer therapy online (video) via Zoom or Skype, or at my office in Regents Street, Central London W1 (UK)

If you would like to learn more or book a session, please contact me:

Linen Hall, 162 Regent Street, London W1B 5TB, UK


MA Psych, UKCP Reg. EMDR UK & Europe Accredited Consultant and Practitioner; 

Accredited Mediator (ADR, Regents University). Click below for more info:

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